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Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Stupidity can be funny, and the stars of this movie do pull it off...

After seeing Jim Carrey's over-the-top but entertaining performance in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, I wanted to see more of his silly antics. I didn't care if it was another Ace Ventura movie or something else. As long as Jim Carrey starred in it and did some goofy things on screen, I was up for it. Naturally, I wanted to see Dumb and Dumber back when it was released in 1994. I have to say. It's not as funny as Ace Ventura, but it was good.

Jim Carrey stars as a dumb guy named Lloyd and Jeff Daniels co-stars as a dumb guy named Harry. Which one is dumb and which one is dumber is totally irrelevant. Both have roughly the same low IQs. Both are ugly-looking weirdos who approach problems in funny ways. Most importantly, both are funny characters because of their stupidity. I will say that the two stars of this movie were good choices.

So what's the story of Dumb and Dumber? Well, there's a beautiful woman named Mary Swanson, played by Lauren Holly, who accidentally leaves behind her suitcase before going on a trip across the United States. Lloyd and Harry, infatuated by this woman, are crazy enough to take the suitcase and follow her across the country to return it to her, presumably for some romantic reward in return. I should clarify, though, that they're probably doing it because they're adventurous, not because they're dumb. Heck, even a man with a normal IQ may go to great lengths like this.

Anyway, what follows is a series of jokes during this trip and at the final destination. For example, one of the guys needs to urinate badly and ends up peeing into empty beer bottles. Then a cop pulls them over, but I won't say what funny thing happens next. There's another funny scene involving Lloyd doing silly kung fu moves and equally silly facial expressions. And if you like gross humor, there's a scene involving Harry having diarrhea. The sound effects to accompany it are laugh-inducing.

Dumb and Dumber isn't a bad movie. It's funny enough for me to say that it's good. If you want to see it because you are a fan of Jim Carrey, rest assured. He's pretty goofy in this one. But let's not forget Jeff Daniels. This guy is a fine actor no matter what he's in, whether it's a drama or a comedy. Together, Carrey and Daniels are a funny pair, and if Hollywood ever needs another buddy comedy, they might want to consider hiring these two for another movie together.

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